Student Resources

Student teams can be involved with your community projects! Working with the colleges and universities provides your community members the excitement and exuberance of youth while your projects help student's learning experiences become meaningful contributions. Email for more information on how to get started.

“Co-creation of Healthy Communities” student term project. Benefit from the skills of UBCO’s Faculty of Management upper year marketing students who will work with community partners on real-world projects. See the attached HL invitation/information letter for more details. Blend your challenges with student creativity for mutual benefit! Communities that have time to orient and guide students towards concrete project goals, are asked to contact Dr. Eric Li by August 10, 2015


Capstone Management Students Consulting Project The final graduating requirement for UBCO's Faculty of Management students is to complete the UBC Management Student Consulting Project, more usually referred to as ‘Capstone’. These projects challenge students to apply the knowledge and skills they learned throughout their studies to real world problems. We match a group of three to four students with local organizations to provide recommendations and solutions to a problem or challenge that it is important for you to take action on. Students are not assigned to actual positions, but rather fill a consulting role for your organization. The team of 3-4 students will spend 75+ hours each dedicated to your project. Your organization will receive a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation outlining the student consulting team’s research, recommendations and the proposed action plan.

Over the last year we have undertaken a number of projects in community health and are very willing to discuss a potential project with you for September 2015. For more information, please contact: David Jenkins UBC Okanagan Faculty of Management