Summerland Healthy Community Initiative

Since 2015, a number of Community members have been meeting in Summerland to discuss ways to increase the health of the community.  Want to get involved?  Email us:
 Our goal is that: Summerland will be a leading example of a healthy community!

January 2017 - Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action

Please join us at 6:00pm on Tuesday January 24th for the following:

THE SUZUKI DIARIES takes a different path. It follows Suzuki and his youngest daughter, Sarika, as they travel to Europe to explore what a sustainable future might look like, and to see if two different generations can find reason for hope.

As they travel through Germany, Denmark, France and Spain, father and daughter begin to see what is possible as they meet the people who are working towards restoring the equilibrium between human needs and planetary limits.

November 2016 - Upcoming Film - Cracking Up

Please join us at 6:00pm on Tuesday November 22nd for the following:

The film 'Cracking Up' features naturally gifted people from all walks of life who happen to be afflicted with mental illnesses.  The film follows individuals as they participate in a comedy class which offers a safe place where everyone in the group is free of stigma and treated with respect (48 mins).


October 2016 - Upcoming Film - Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten AND Exclusive Pre-Screening of a documentary film by Shimshon Obadia

Please join us at 6:00pm on Tuesday October 18th for the following:

‘Schools Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten’: ‘No classroom for these kindergarteners. In Switzerland's Langnau am Albis, a suburb of Zurich, children 4 to 7 years of age go to kindergarten in the woods every day, no matter what the weather. This eye-opening film follows the forest kindergarten through the seasons of one school year and looks into the important question of what it is that children need at that age. There is laughter, beauty and amazement in the process of finding out.’  36 minutes

‘Daylighting the Classroom’: Pre-screening of documentary film by Shimshon Obadia about a daylighting project at K.L.O Middle School in Kelowna.  ‘Underneath the concrete-covered-creek on a school’s grounds, this documentary shows a generation of students’ surprising dedication to their future as they struggle over nearly a decade to re-naturalize their creek into an outdoor classroom. Fighting for their education and their environment, they make use of an unlikely weapon, art.’ 30 minutes

 Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 Guest Panelists:

Shimshon Obadia – Shimshon is an Interdisciplinary Eco-Artist from Kelowna.  His performance based community work educates and empowers young people through mutual empathy with their environments. In 2010, he founded the ‘Best Plays Ever festival’ (Toronto, Ontario).  Over the past few years, he’s been leading the Daylighting The Classroom project with Middle School students across the Okanagan Valley in a partnership with the University of British Columbia’s SSHRC funded Eco-Art Incubator research initiative.

Patricia Tribe – Patricia was the Director of Education at Space Centre Houston for 13 years.  She founded Story Time from Space project with NASA where astronauts read books to children on earth from space. She currently is the Regional Coordinator and Regional Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator for Success by 6. 

Don Gayton – Don is an ecologist and author of several published books about nature. In both his work and writing, Don’s passion is connecting people to the ecology of the Okanagan. One of his current projects is “daylighting” a buried portion of Prairie Creek near the Dale Meadows ballfields, so it can become an outdoor classroom.

Here is the film website:


September 2016 - Upcoming Film - The Elder Project

On Tuesday September 20th the 2nd film in our conversation series event starts at to start at 6:15 sharp. The film is 'The Elder Project':



We have amazing speakers lined up including:

Dr. Norah Keating – Gerontologist.  She is the Director of The Global Social Initiative on Ageing (GSIA), Swansea University (UK), Co-Director, Research on Aging, University of Alberta & Extraordinary Professor, North-West University, South Africa.  Dr. Keating worked with the film maker in the development of The Elder Project.  She lives in Summerland.   

Dr. Heather Cooke – Research Consultant and Sessional Instructor in the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. With over 20 years’ experience in dementia care, her research interests include the subjective experiences of staff and residents in long-term care facilities, aging and the built environment, personhood and dementia.    

Kathleen Mills – Director of Care, Summerland Seniors Village.  She enjoys spending time with residents and continues to learn from them.  She started her career in cardiac rehabilitation, moving to respirology and travel medicine.

July 2016 - Film Series

The schedule for the Healthy Film and Conversation Series presented by the Summerland Healthy Community Initiative is finalized: Movie Poster

A Crack in the Pavement:


 The Elder Project:



 Schools Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten



 Cracking Up Stand up for Mental Health



 The Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action



June 2016 - Bike Anywhere!

Bike Anywhere Week!  Come visit the 'Celebration Station' hosted by the Summerland Healthy Community Initiative on Wednesday June 1st.  Register Here!

May 2016 - Grant Awarded

The District of Summerland together with the Summerland Healthy Community Initiative have been selected as a recipient of a Healthy Community Capacity Building Fund (HCCBF) grant.  The HCCBF is part of PlanH, a partnership between BC Healthy Communities Society and Healthy Families BC.  Press Release: Here

April 2016 - Healthy Community Scan Results

  • 128 responses/participants› Online Survey, Kiosk at the Recreation Centre, Public Meeting
  • Strengths: Local food production, recreation services and programming, outdoor environment and trails.
  • Opportunities: Recreation facility renewal, trail connectivity and sidewalks/bike paths, mental health and wellness, summer vs. winter food and physical activity differences 

March 2016 - Philosophers Café Event

School of Nursing student Melanie Wilson presented to Summerland Town Council about the work being done by the Summerland Healthy Community Initiative.  Successes include a great Philosopher's Café which gave townspeople and elected officials a chance to sit down and talk about what community health looks like to them. 

Read more about it on Melanie Wilson's blog entry here

February 2016 - Healthy Community Scan (now closed)

summerland snip survey.PNG