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Healthy Communities Leader: Janet Black

Interior Health - Healthy Communities Liaison: Lynn Tsumuraya

Healthy Communities Environmental Scan and Assessment: OK Falls HC Scan.pdf

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Age Friendly Assessment Project

Myleen Mallach, Age Friendly Coordinator


Do you plan to retire in Okanagan Falls? Or, have you already? Is our community suited for “aging in place”, meaning that we have the social and physical environment to stay put in our current homes. Do we have the policies, services, and structures designed to help each other age actively in our community?

Did you know that 47% of Area ‘D’ residents are already over the age of 55, which is an increase of 6% in the past 5 years. Reshaping our community to be age friendly is one of the most effective strategies to promote healthy and active aging, and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable, healthy community. We will all benefit in the end.

We are currently undergoing an age friendly assessment to determine the needs, challenges, and supports available to current and future older adults. The goal of the assessment is to develop a vision and plan to transform Okanagan Falls into an ‘Age Friendly Community’ in the future. Once we have this status, then we can go after grants and other funding to meet our specific needs, as identified by your input.

How can you get involved? First, attend a survey information session listed in the ad space to the left, then complete an age friendly survey. Bring a friend to a session, or bring surveys to community members who are unable to attend. The survey collection process will run throughout the month of June. There are 7 convenient locations in town where you can pick up and drop off surveys. I urge all Okanagan Falls residents over the age of 50 or anyone with experienced with the needs of older adults in our community to please take the 15-20 minutes to fill out this survey. All answers are completely confidential. Your input is extremely important to the future of our community. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the surveys, please contact myself at 250-490-6951 or email

A draft age friendly plan will be presented at an Open House in the Fall, where this potential plan will be reviewed and adjusted if need be.