Healthy Communities Leader: Kim English

Interior Health - Healthy Communities Liaison: TBD

Healthy Communities Environmental Scan and Assessment: Hedley HC Scan.pdf

What's Happening?

A number of initiatives in 2013 and 2014 focussed on "Building a Healthier Hedley".  Over the two year period, our groups welcomed Sergeant Barry Kennedy of the Princeton RCMP, Jerilynn Maki from the Canadian Cancer Society, artist and writer Julie Fowler, Dr. Kent Mullinix from Kwantlen University, and author Mike Lewis from the Canadian Center for Community Renewal.  John Beaupre Environmental Health Officer,  Kristi Estergaard,  Community Nutritionist and Betty Brown, Community Health Facilitator all from IH worked extensively with our groups.

One of the most exciting outcomes of our "Building a Healthier Hedley" meetings was the group's decision to work together to refurbish the town's unused ballpark lands.  An excited group of residents across the community began to work together on a project known as "Unity Park".

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UBCO Students worked on projects for a number of communities around the 5 pillars of health- below see Princeton and Hedley's projects together- Tobacco Reduction and Social Connectedness

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