Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement

“Making the Okanagan Similkameen the healthiest region in BC”

Mission Statements

  1. Facilitating healthy living policies, plans, programs and services through collaboration. 
  2. Inspiring a healthy living culture by engaging coalition members, residents and communities
  3. Supporting children, youth and vulnerable populations by advocating for affordable and accessible programs and services 
  4. Fostering a built environment that supports healthy lifestyles. 
  5. Contributing to the sustainable health care by promoting the reduction of lifestyle-related chronic disease 
  6. Building momentum by celebrating success 

Values & Guiding Principles

  • Inclusion: We strive for universal access to healthy living opportunities in order to support and engage all residents and communities in the Okanagan Similkameen 
  • Empowerment: We embrace that each journey towards lifelong healthy living is unique and needs to be individually supported to sustain a healthy living culture. 
  • Collaboration: We achieve our collective goals by communicating respectfully and openly, and by sharing resources. 
  • Passion: We seek inspired, enthusiastic and committed partnerships that celebrate the joy of health and wellness together and seek partners who share this ideal. 
  • Accountability: We commit to successful partnerships and collective responsibility to those we serve and to those who support us.