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September a season of return

Posted by oshlc on August 27, 2015

September is always a season of returns:

Back to school, back from holidays, and reaping the harvest of a garden planted in Spring. 

This September promises another sort of return but of a global sort:a return of an intellectual, economic and a humanitarian sort, all rolled into one.  It is a crystallization of the principle that all of our world problems are linked, inseparable- and that to fix any one of them we need to work on all of them, perhaps in pieces, but all at once.

This September 25th will be the advent of every United Nations Leader signing up to 17 Global Goals.  These 17 goals include ending extreme poverty and tackling climate change, a to-do list for people and the planet.

The Global Goals have grown out of a recognition that an earlier set of goals,  the Millennium Development Goals.  Recognizing that reaching many of the goals is as important as ever, and that there is much yet to be achieved worldwide, has informed the tenor of the coming September UN convention.