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Social Inclusion a pillars of health

Posted by admin on July 8, 2015

In the height of summer festivities, it occurs to me that one of the reasons so many of us enjoy summer is not only because of the beautiful sunshine, swimming in our lakes and rivers, and enjoying visiting with friends and family, but because our communities are filled with fun things to do.

Kudos to the community members who regularly host events like dances and festivals.  These gatherings showcase our human need to be creative, and to connect with others in ways that surpass spoken language for communicating emotion and spirit.

Last night I was fortunate to participate in Kelowna's first "Arts on the Avenue" event which saw local artists, musicians and performers set up tents and perform for citizens to enjoy.  What was such a pleasure was watching young children and toddlers dance with abandon, while older audience members were surprised by some of the novel types of "music" being performed.

This long weekend, many small towns will be hosting outdoor dances with live music.  Many events will welcome all ages and allow us all a chance to enjoy dancing and celebrating all together.  These opportunities are worth participating in, even if we don't dance or sing- there is always an opportunity to spectate- but getting up and shaking the cobwebs out feels good and gives the benefit of physical movement- though sometimes we'll suffer sore hips the next day after overdoing it!

On the August 15/16 weekend, Princeton will host the free Traditional Music Festival, while Kelowna will be showcasing LGBT Pride.  Sun Peaks resort will be hosting a rock 'n roll festival and Penticton will have its regular farmer's market while the small town of Hedley will host its farmer's market on Sunday the 16th.  Consider joining one of these community celebrations and really getting a feel for the depth of these places.