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Exciting developments in Summerland

Posted by admin on July 3, 2015

A group of individuals interested in working together to promote the health and well being of Summerland residents has been meeting monthly. These folks represent Interior Health, the Faith Community, Recreation Community and District of Summerland Council.

The group has been looking at the existing resources and assets in Summerland, and because they believe that food security is an important issue in their community, they are thinking about working on developing another Community Garden for resident use.  Part of the group's plans revolves around a citizen survey to gauge the interest of residents, both to see who would want to work on such a project, and to see who would be interested in using a community garden once it has been created.

With a thoughtful and considered approach, the group plans to determine the viability of their project before undertaking the building of a garden.  There will be an opportunity for the group to work with students from UBC Okanagan in the fall.  This student assistance is something which will give the students real-life experience working with community groups in a hands-on way, and will benefit the community groups with student energy and insights.

Left to right: Patricia Park, Rick Gay, Sandra Turnbull, Jenny Mitchell, Joanne Malar, Erin Trainer.

Summerland Healthy living group 2015.JPG